It is time for a new FZ FORZA update with some great news both regarding our players, sponsor agreements, sales and much more.

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Romania in FZ FORZA

With help from our Romanian distributor we have equipped all Romanian national teams for 2017 and 2018. With this agreement we hope to be increasing the brand awareness in Romania even more than what we already have achieved. Here you see some of the U17 players at their first tournament after receiving their team wear.


Another Federation deal

After we already signed the Dutch and the Norwegian Federations this year, we are very pleased, that we now can announce another new Federation deal. From 1. of January 2018 Czech Republic will also wear FZ FORZA textiles whenever the play with their national team. This agreement last for all 2018 and 2019. At the same time we have signed a 1 year deal regarding shuttles which means that all national training activities will use FZ FORZA VIP, as well as all first league matches in CZ will be played with VIP shuttles.


New office in Copenhagen

From August we have moved our office in Copenhagen. We are very pleased with the new facilities giving us more meeting rooms, more place for storage and in general a very nice office. We of course welcome all of you if you at some time should be in or around Copenhagen. 

China & ASIA kick off

End of August the 2018 collection was presented to all Chinese customers and Asian distributors at two very god meetings in Fuzhou, China. Beside of a new product line there was many news for marketing and sales as well, which all in all made the meetings very good. The order deadlines are just ahead of us, but first impressions are very good, and we believe that we in 2018 can take another step forward on the Asian markets as well.


More new markets

Since last Newsletter we can welcome another 3 new markets to our world map. The first test order is already delivered to Belarus were Vladimir Vorontsov together with some partners will push FZ FORZA into the market. Vladimir is also a player attending a lot of the Badminton Europe tournaments.
Beside of Belarus we are closing deals with Australia and Israel at the moment, to make them new markets for FZ FORZA in the Future.


LeClerc chain France

In France we have started up a cooperation with LeClerc chain. With the agreement we got access to their buying days at the headquarter mid-September, and there a chance to meet all the potential shops


It’s still too early to say a lot about the outcome, but for sure this is potential a strong and big partner, increasing our brand awareness in France even more and reaching a new kind of player/customer.


All the best

Jacob Brink
FZ Forza Export Manager

Mobile:           +45 20 12 55 02

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